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Throughout March, 2020, universities across the globe announced classes would be moving to online formats due to the Corona Pandemic. That left many students and professors scrambling to create meaningful educational opportunities at a distance. A course such as theatre is a particular challenge because it is an art that takes place between actors and an audience in the same room. This pandemic forces us to ask ourselves what else it can be. 

To move through this crisis meaningfully, a group of theatre professors connected in order to work with students across continents. What do these young theatre practitioners want to say? What could a digital theatre making process look like? What is gained through the loss of meeting in person? What new creative constraints exist? How can we move artistically and ethically forward? What can we learn about our own humanity through this process? This site will track the students' experiences and share how we're answering these questions at this moment. 

Global Pandemic

Rarely is everyone in the world gripped by the same issue at the same time. Drama provides a productive frame to explore how we're experiencing the global pandemic each in our own contexts and communities. 

An Experiment in Theatre Making

This project is an experiment in digital theatre making. We're asking students to think about either mental health or putting something positive or encouraging out into the world. The idea is to see where those concepts bring young theatre makers. 

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